Bad Girls

British hard-hitting drama about the staff and inmates of a women's prison.

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1999

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - Bad Girls
"Rehersals for a VIP fasion show were underway. PO Sylvia Hollamby stupidly ignored a pregnant inmate's calls for a doctor but then worried when the inmate was found in a pool of blood the next morning - she then denied that the inmate had asked for a doctor. A near riot followed when the inmates discovered this! Nikki Wade was taken down 'The Block' for being the 'ringleader'.\n\nNew wing governor, Helen Stewart, cancelled the fasion show but was then bullied into reinstating it by her superior, Simon Stubberfield, who said he'd sack her if she didn't! Another inmate, Rachel, was moved to a cell next to the vindictive Shell Dockley, who verbally abused her through the wall - unknown to her, Rachel was getting 'Special Attention' from PO Jim Fenner! Helen's Boyfriend, Sean, Arrived at her flat."
"Monica Lindsay and Zandra Plackett arrived at Larkhall. We learned later that Monica has a 30 year old son, Spencer, who has down's syndrome. Helen Stewart took a stand against drugs and formed the Dedicated Search Team (DST). Shell forced Rachel to write to the DST naming Nikki - the DST then raided Nikki's cell but obviously found nothing. Denny took an instant dislike to Zandra, saying that she owed her drugs from the last time she was at Larkhall. Shell, once again, verbally abused Rachel."
"Jim Fenner's anger got the better of him when Rachel wrote him love letters - that's not the way to keep an affair secret! Zandra asked Helen if she could marry her fiance, Robin, at Larkhall; Helen said she'd consider it and put Zandra on a detox programme. Nikki warned Rachel about Jim Fenner, telling her that he had also slept with Shell - Rachel asked him this and of course, he denied it! New inmate Crystal Gordon arrived, complete with her guitar. Shell continued to intimidate Rachel. Zandra was distraught to discover that Robin was going to marry someone else!"
"Zandra decided that she wanted an abortion, after a talk with Helen, Dominic and Lorna were assigned to take her to the clinic. At the clinic, she escaped for a few hours but, to the PO's relief, was found, still inside the clinic. The PO's didn't tell Helen about it because they knew they'd get an official warning. Back at Larkhall, Shell was still making Rachel's life hell by wanting Rachel to make her mother bring drugs in! Nikki learned that her girlfriend, Trisha, is seeing someone else. Rachel's Mother didn't bring any drugs and later, Shell once again intimidated Rachel as a result. Next morning, as Zandra woke, she screamed as she saw Rachel hanging next to her! Helen ordered a full inquiry into Rachel's suicide."
"Dominic wanted to come clean to Helen about Zandra's attempted escape but Lorna peruaded him not to because she didn't want an official warning. Jim tried to get his and Shell's stories straight (about their affair) because Helen was highly suspicious of him. Fenner, Helen and Stubberfield took part in a meeting where Helen voiced her thoughts about Jim and vice-versa; Stubberfield seemed to take Jim's side, calling Helen's motives 'tenuous'. Nikki was spared from a spell down the block by Helen, prompting the PO's to see 'favouritism' taking place, especially when Denny was shipped down the block for the same offence! Zandra blackmailed Lorna saying that if she didn't bring her drugs, she'd tell all about her escape at the clinic. Lorna had no choice to oblige. Stubberfield questioned Helen's ability to do her job."
"Alchoholic Jessie Devlin arrived at G-Wing for 2 weeks, and was ridiculed by the inmates, and Sylvia, for being drunk. Later that night, at the pub, Dominic blabbed the truth about Zandra's escape at the clinic, to Helen. She was angry and said she'd have to tell Stubberfield. Denny attacked Jessie with a fork and, when asked why she had done it, admitted that Jessie was her mother who had abandoned her as a child. After her release, Jessie sent Denny a letter saying that she hadn't had a drink for 2 days and asked for a visiting order. Helen told Dominic that she had told Stubberfield about Zandra's attempted escape and that his and Lorna's jobs were safe. Sadly for Lorna, no-one had told her as she was in the process of smuggling in valium for Zandra!"
"Sean proposed to Helen but she left for work, leaving him to ponder. Shell and Denny kicked Zandra and made her tell them who her supplier was - then they made her lure Lorna into the toilets. Lorna declined to get Zandra more drugs until Shell emergedfrom the cubicle and threatened her. Lorna then smuggled more drugs in and was nearly caught by Fenner. Spencer visited Monica but looked ill. Nikki was moved into a new, better room as a privilage. Sean did a presentation at the prison where he was introduced as Helen's partner; much to Nikki's disgust. After seeing inmates entering and leaving Shell's cell, Dominic investigated and found drugs in the Budgie's cage. Shell then shouted that it was Lorna who supplied them - only Fenner beleived her though. Shell had her priveliges removed after the drugs incident so took out her anger on the budgie - poor little thing!"
"Julie J received a Birthday card from her son and discovered that it was a coded recipe for brewing alcohol. The Julies, along with Nikki and Denny, then try to make the alchohol. They were nearly caught by Sylvia but the Julies managed to distract her enough to divert her attention from the shed. Monica received the shattering news that her son, Spencer, had died from a fatal heart attack. Helen goes to the funeral with Monica and showed her compassion when she removed Monica's handcuffs. The inmates name their new wine in honour of Spencer."
"Shell told Crystal that she wanted her to write an article to a newspaper about the drugs problem at Larkhall - this got Crystal into trouble with Helen and Helen into trouble with Stubberfield. Shell also revealed to Crystal that she wanted to set up Lorna. She persuaded Lorna to bring her some perfume that had some very well hidden drugs inside - Lorna didn't notice them but Helen certainly did when Shell showed her! Lorna got the sack! Shell was therefore very unpopular on G-Wing. Monica planned suicide but was talked out of it by Nikki and a new inmate, Yvonne Atkins arrived."
"In the final episode of the first series, we saw a petition being passed around to bring back open visits, which were banned earlier by Stubberfield after he heard about the drug problem. Yvonne wanted to make Sylvia sign so she set up a Gospel choir. Eventually the plan worked and Sylvia signed...just to stop the terrible music! Shell told Fenner that she could fix him like she did Lorna Rose. This infuriated him, making him bang her head against a wall. She got back in his good books by writing some kind of letter to Mrs Fenner - we'll have to wait until the next series to find out the letter's content. Monica wanted to commit suicide again and took the drugs - Nikki saved her life but doesnt tell Helen in case it affected Monica's upcoming appeal. Monica won her appeal and, after being released, delivered a speech on TV about the women in prison, which made even the hardest inmates cry! Helen then ran straight from court to the tailors, where Sean was trying on his wedding suit, and"
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"No description"
Season 2 - Bad Girls
"As the new series opened, we see Fenner in Helen's office. He obviously thinks that Helen had resigned and that he was the new wing governor. Nikki looked for Helen's car to didn't. Zandra went into labour and was rushed to hospital where she gave birth to a baby boy. Helen finally arrived at the prison, resulting in Jim being annoyed that his dreams of promotion were once again shattered. New warden Karen Betts started work - she and Jim have met before it seems. Robin promised to visit Zandra at Larkhall in the future but then took the baby and left when drugs were discovered in Zandra's cell. Zandra then lost it and ran to the prison roof, threatening to jump off! Dominic saved her from a nasty death though by nearly falling off the roof himself! Nikki told Helen that she can't control her feelings for her but Helen still denied she returns the feelings. Shell somehow got a mobile phone smuggled in, dialled a number and said \"\"Can I speak to Mrs Fenner?\"\"!"
"Helen ignored Nikki on her way to the wing. Yvonne's husband sent her flowers, which Hollamby put on the radiator, then taking great pleasure in presenting Yvonne with the rotting bouquet. Zandra was taken back to the wing. Dockley continued her phone calls to Mrs Fenner and then manipulated Jim into searching Nikki Wade's cell! The two Julies told Jim that the washing machine was broken; he said he'd look at it. Denny wanted to buy a birthday card for her mother, Jessie, who was coming to visit her on her birthday. Yvonne asked the maintenance man Josh to smuggle in some frilly knickers as he came in to fix the washing machine \u00e2\u20ac\u201c they were nearly caught by Hollamby who, not believing that Josh was actually fixing the washing machine, stuck her head in it ; getting a soaking for her trouble! Jim searched Nikki's cell for the mobile phone, thinking she has it, and then got attacked by Nikki. This is the last straw, so Helen gets Nikki shipped out for making malicious phonecalls and for"
"The police arrived at Jim Fenner's house and interviewed both him, and his wife Marilyn about Shell Dockley, and Jim's assault on her. Marilyn and Jim decided to stay together for the children's sake but Jim persuaded Marilyn to send Shell a letter, saying that she had broken up their marriage. Stubberfield told Karen Betts that he wanted her to take over as wing governor after Helen's departure. New Prison Officer, Di Barker, arrived on the wing and seems like a nice quiet girl. Julie J learned that her kids are back in the UK and wanted them to visit. Bodybag took great pleasure by refusing. Jim returned to the wing; he confiscated all the letters that he had sent Shell \u00e2\u20ac\u201c now she had no evidence against him. He even told her that he loves her - just so she would lie and tell Stubberfield that she made up the allegations. She did and Stubberfield believed her. Denny's mother, Jessie, didn't show up for the visit. The Julies polished the stairs more than was necessary \u00e2\u20ac\u201c Sylvia fell do"
"Hollamby survived her fall and looked a picture in a neck brace! She hammed it up by wanting a full investigation. Karen gave Jim all the dogsbody jobs. Josh tried to get Crystal's attention. Dominic became Shell's new personal officer...Poor him! Denny was depressed because her mother didn't show up last week, but was happier when Di told her that that Jessie couldn't have come even if she wanted to because she had been knocked down and was in hospital. Denny was then allowed to go and visit her, accompanied by Di. Jim threatened to tell Stubberfield about his affair with Karen a few years back, only to be put in his place by Stubbberfield who told that he already knew! Zandra was in constant pain because of the drugs. Denny found her mother had discharged herself and was at her hostel. At the hostel, she discovered Jessie drunk. After a tirade of abuse from Jessie, Denny returned to Larkhall lower than ever. Shell seemed to be going mad. Karen decided to bring a group therapist in fo"
"New inmate Barbara Hunt arrived on the wing...except it wasn't really barbara. Due to a mix up by Sylvia, it was actually Mad Tessa Spall! The councillor, Meg Richards, arrived to take the group therapy sessions. Zandra had more severe headaches. Shell teased 'Barbara' and got more than she bargained for when she pinned her against a wall. Nikki received a postcard from Helen. Yvonne gave Sylvia the idea of claiming compensation for her neck injury. After getting Yvonne a private visiting room, Fenner collected his payment later that evening at the golf course from Charlie's golf caddy - unknown to him, he was photographed! 'Barbara' (Mad Tessa) threatened Karen with a syringe of HIV positive blood - they have obviously had a run in at the last prison Karen worked in! Dominic realised the identity mix-up and alerted the other PO's - Jim then saved Karen. Zandra collapsed in pain! The real Barbara Hunt was brought onto the wing."
"Sylvia was severely repremanded for her mix-up last week and, when she blamed her neck injury for being \"\"below par\"\", was put on an exercise regime. Zandra was diagnosed with low blood pressure and appalling eyesight after her fainting episode - was the Doctor right and did he care? Barbara revealed that she was in prison for helping her terminally ill husband to die and seemed uncomfortable about sharing a room with a lesbian. Shell appeared to be further losing her sanity. Sylvia (and her shellsuit!) were laughed at by everyone. Shell bullied Barbara into getting a pen from art class and then made her write 'Fenner is a rapist' on the wall. Helen visited Nikki, much to Sylvia's shock. Nikki defended Babs when Shell accused her of all the vandalism. Karen discovered that Sylvia's neck wasn't really bad enough to have to wear a neck-collar. Helen became head of the lifers unit."
"Karen informed the staff of what Helen's new job would entail. Yvonne received a calendar from Charlie, featuring the photographs of Jim, at the golf course, taking the money. Zandra suffered a fit and is taken to the hospital for tests. Yvonne summoned Fenner to her cell to show him the \"\"4 developments\"\";- Photos of him and Charlie with the money. She informs him she wants out of Larkhall, he had no option but to comply. Yvonne wanted the car that she would be in to be held up for her to escape, but that isn't to be - Charlie was really arrested before she left Larkhall - she left anyway and tried to escape from a toilet window on the way to the 'hospital' - Jim latched on to her idea when he reads in a newspaper that Charlie has been arrested, and stopped Yvonne escaping. Helen secretly photocopied Niki's file."
"Dominic returned from his holiday. Shell told Karen about her childhood - both her parents sexually abused her! She is then worried about her kids, who were staying with her. Karen then set up a visit for her with her mother Rita so that she could discuss the kids. During the meeting, the truth came out and Rita was quick to blame Shell's father. She was told that Shell's children would be taken into care. Yvonne distributed mobile phones to Denny and the 2 Julies - they set up a sex chat line, with Yvonne's daughter Lauren's help. Dominic wass shocked to learn that Zandra had a malignant brain tumour - she needed further tests to determine if it was operable or not. Later, Dr Nicholson unsympathetically told her that it's inoperable and that she had months to live! Dominic voiced his anger that the Dr was doing nothing to help her and that she should be released for her final months. Shell joined the Sex line plan, now called 'Babes Behind Bars', much to Yvonne's annoyance. On Crystal"
"The Julies saw Josh in the yard and told him why Crystal didn't show up. He was annoyed and, when he later saw Crystal, gave her the ring he had bought her and stomped off. Zandra collapsed again; Later, she asked Crystal to pray for her. Shell found Babs' diary and didn't like the entry about her that called her a \u00e2\u20ac\u02dcPsychopath'. Dominic kissed Zandra, prompting her to say \"\"At least one of my dreams came true\"\". Shell stole Babs' diary and was quoting parts of it to other people, much to Babs' discomfort. Tissues at the ready because, at that point, Zandra suffered a fatal seizure. The girls held a memorial service for Zandra, during which, Crystal read a note that she had found from Zandra. Dominic arrived half way through with Zandra's baby, Robbie. Crystal had more days added to her sentence after spitting at Dr Nicholson for not helping Zandra enough. Baba entered Shell's cell and demanded her diary back \u00e2\u20ac\u201c when Shell refused and started making fun of her late husband, Babs lost her t"
"Denny and new inmate Shaz seemed to be getting on very well. The 2 Julies hatched a hilarious, madcap plan to get pregnant. Karen wanted to know exactly who it was who broke Shell's arm, no-one, including Shell herself, grassed on Babs. Julie J had the idea of inviting the man, John, who she spoke to through 'Babes Behind Bars' to visit her...then him under the table! He got very annoyed though when Julie dropped the yoghurt pot, in which she was collecting the sperm!!!!! Hardnut, Renee Williams arrived - she obviously knew Yvonne and they seemed like bitter enemies. Denny and Shaz somehow escaped from their cell after lock up and vandalised the toilets. no-one knew that it was them. Shell seemed jealous of the time Denny was now spending with Shaz. The rig was up for 'Babes behind Bars' after a phone was found! Renee tells Yvonne that she had had an affair with 'Her Chalie' - Yvonne obviously didn't beleive her until she mentioned a scar that he had in a very priva"
"Renee was still causing trouble for the inmates by bullying them. Shaz and Denny lured Sylvia into their cell and then run out and slammed the door, locking her in. She then had to give them her keys to let her out - something that's strictly against the rules! Someone was seen crushing nuts and putting them in the pepper pot. Denny put some mouldy bread into Renee's orange juice. Renee used the spiked pepper and was seen choking and finaly, falling dead to the floor! Helen took the first lifers session. The police interview Shaz about the mouldy bread...she admitted it. After drinking on the job, Fenner left and went home. Renne's tests showed that she had died from an allergy so Shaz was off the hook. Karen demoted Sylvia to a basic officer and docked a months pay as a punishment for the keys incident. Yvonne was seen smirking in her cell - nice one Yvonne! Karen went to see Jim at home and he told her that Marilyn had left him and had taken the kids."
"Nikki confronted Helen about her night out with Dominic. Karen explained that Sylvia and Jim are off work and also explained about Jim's situation to the other staff. Jim later turned up for work, much to Di and Karen's surprise. Helen had a meeting with Shaz to see how she's coping but Shaz was very flippant about the murders that she had committed \u00e2\u20ac\u201c because of this, Helen had the idea of making her meet the family of one of the people she had killed. Dominic assured Di that there was nothing going on between him and Helen. Jim refused to help Di when the inmates started refusing to go into their cells, much to Di's annoyance. Dominic went round to Helen's flat and heard a phone call between her and Nikki \u00e2\u20ac\u201c he promised not to say anything. Nikki had heard Dominic's voice at Helen's so it further backed up her theory that Helen was seeing him! Jim apologised to Di for his earlier behaviour. After the meeting with Mrs Foster (The widow of one of the people she had killed), Shaz finally"
"In the final episode of series 2, it was the night before Sylvia's 30th wedding anniversary and she's having a big party at the prison. Sylvia quickly added Karen's name to her guest list. Rules are broken because the 2 Julies and Shell are to be waitresses at the party! They hatched a plan to get alcohol \u00e2\u20ac\u201c they hid plastic bags down their \u00e2\u20ac\u02dctrakkie bottoms'. Crystal was due for release later that day but was delayed due to a transport problem. Nikki offered the nurse \u00a33,000 to help her escape \u00e2\u20ac\u201c the nurse accepted and brought a security pass to Nikki's cell later that night and told her that there was a nurse's uniform in a locker. All the screws were at the party so were not on the wing. Crystal was still waiting for the transport from the prison to be ready so Di offered her a cup of tea in the office while she waited. When she was alone \u00e2\u20ac\u201c she eyed Sylvia's present from the staff \u00e2\u20ac\u201c a carriage clock. The girls slipped \u00e2\u20ac\u02dcspeed' into Sylvia's drink, making her high. Nikki managed to pass"
Season 3 - Bad Girls
"This episode picks up where series 2 ended. Jim's enjoyment in Shell's cell soon comes to an end as she violently stabbed him with the broken bottle - Karen heared his screams and called in all available staff. Despite her protests, Helen drove Nikki back to Larkhall and was reassured of her ability to do so when she heared about the mayhem on the wing. After numerous attemps to make Shell give in, The officers (now in full riot uniform) stormed into the cell and finally overpowered Shell and got Jim out. Shell was then taken down the block. Helen smuggled Nikki back to her cell and because of the mayhem upstairs, no-one noticed! As the episode ends, we see Jim flat-lining on the stretcher, with Marilyn screaming and Dr Nicholson trying in vein to resuscitate him...!"
"Dr Nicholson succeeded in saving Jim's life and he was quickly rushed to hospital. Sylvia, enraged at the fact that Shell wasn't being punished for her attack on Jim, decideds to take justice into her own hands - after a word with Dr Nicholson, Shell was transferred to the 'muppet wing'. Julie Saunders decided to apply to be a part of a tagging scheme so that she could see her son David's school play. Jim continued to recover well at the hospital. Sylvia excelled herself when she put Mad Tessa Spall as Shell's cellmate and, with the help of PO Wheeler, took further action by making Podger Pam attack her. Later in the week and to Sylvia's disgust, Shell was later allowed back on G-Wing - Sylvia then called on the PO's to go on strike!"
"Julie S was released to Monica Lindsay's 'halfway house' with an electronic tag, leaving Julie J distraught back at Larkhall. The officers were out on 'mass sick leave' so the inmates jumped at the chance to run the wing for themselves; A problem occured though in the form of a large knife going missing from the kitchens...Who could have taken it? Di Barker was devastated to learn that Dominic McAllister would not be coming back. Her dreams shattered, she turned her rage towards the thing that had blighted her life for so long - her ageing, sick mother. Triggered by her son David's performance in his school play, Macbeth, Julie S suddenly realised the extent of her Julie J's misery. She then too desperate measures to return to Larkhall...possibly the first ever prison break-in! Seeing what her friend had done for her, Julie J returned the knife to it's rightful place. Helen concluded that Shell's attack on Jim was indeed pre-meditated."
"Barbara Hunt was shocked to hear that she'd been accused of bigamy by her step-children, a crime she later admitted was true! A new officer, Gina Rossi arrived on G-Wing, setting male temperatures soaring and getting right up the nose of Sylvia, Karen and inmates alike! Yvonne Atkins got quite a few visits from male 'lawyers' - Sylvia tried to catch her but, to her embarassment, when a real lawyer was there! Charlie's lawyer told Yvonne that he needed her help to get him off his charges. Josh offered the secretly obsessed Di Barker some friendly advice in the wake of Dominic's departure: 'Find someone else'!...If only he knew..."
"16 year-old crack addict Buki Lester arrived at Larkhall - her body piercings prompted Shaz to self-peirce Denny's tongue...with life threatening consequences! Yvonne double-crossed Charlie in court and told the jury that she's known all along the packages were drugs - to her despair, Charlie got off because he \"\"got at the jury\"\"...Lauren had a nasty surprise waiting though in the form of hitman, who fired a bullet right between his eyes! Jim fenner returned to work at Larkhall - but found himself terrorised by Shell. Gina Rossi showed the women what she's made of in the Officers vs Inmates pool tournament - where Jim was horrified when he saw who was chosen as his opponent! Josh passed his PO exam."
"'Podger Pam' arrived on G-wing's Lifer's Unit, to the alarm of the other inmates. Helen Stewart suspected that her mental state had been horribly misdiagnosed so brought in new prison doctor Thomas Waugh. Karen and Helen went to see Simon Stubberfield about Dr Nicholson's incompetence and got him sacked. The two Julies discoved a stray cat hiding in the prison bins and later discovered it was female when it gave birth to kittens. Josh had an eventful induction period as a trainee PO. Di discovered Josh was living with Crystal. Shell contiuned to taunt Jim, who was still scared of her. The tension between Jim and Helen reached new heights when Jim tried to assert his power by sexually assaulting her!"
"A fly-on-the-wall TV documentary crew, Kicking Productions, arrived at HMP Larkhall to make a series, creating havoc in the process. Jim Fenner wanted Shell Dockley out of Larkhall for good, and so was willing to go to any lengths to get rid of her...even helping her to escape! Helen told Nikki about Jim's assault on her - meaning that Jim now had yet another enemy on G Wing. Buki's tough girl image disappeared when she was found bleeding in her cell after a violent display of self-harm - and it was all caught on camera by the documentary crew, along with shocking revelations about her childhood. Shell, Denny and Shaz succeeded in their attempt to escape using the keys and money that Jim had left them - unfortunately for Shaz, she sprained her ankle and so had to be left behind...Sylvia realised numbers were down and so began frantically no avail!"
"Shell and Denny celebrated their freedom with a drugs and vodka binge...and Sylvia and Bobby Hollamby received a terrible visit from the pair, hell-bent on revenge! G-Wing was in chaos due to the escape and Jim Fenner a very worried man - especially when Shaz was brought back to Larkhall and questioned. Crystal was horrified to find Shell and Denny on her doorstep but agreed to let them stay the night - Shell, as vindictive as ever, repaid the favour in a way that would have disastrous consequences for Crystal's future. Simon Stubberfield was sacked as prison governor. Denny and Shell, armed with false passports, wigs and stolen cash, made their way to the airport but where were they going, and had left Larkhall behind forever?"
"Aristocratic \u00e2\u20ac\u02dcit-girl' Charlotte Myddleton is sentenced to a year in Larkhall for drug offences - the other inmates don't react too kindly to the new Prada-clad prisoner, especially when she treats them like lepers! Josh began his new job as a PO but got a terrible shock when he saw Crystal, who was back at Larkhall after being set up by Shell! Di deliberately rigged a drugs test to get Crystal in trouble, hoping that Josh would leave her because of it. Buki leaked information to a newpaper about Charlotte talking drugs, which was true but wasn't detected due to Di swapping her results with Crystals! We saw Shell and Denny in sunny Spain, having fun on a boat - it's a long was from Larkhall but will they ever return?..."
"Crystal is on a hunger strike to protest about her drugs test results and, after a retest is proved right! - Josh then realises what Di did and prepares for a confronation! Jim was horrified to learn that Helen was the governing governor, replacing Simon Stubberfield! Helen officially appointed Dr Waugh as new prison doctor and seemed to get on really well with him. Josh and Crystal got 'married' in the prison chapel in a service conducted by Babs. Nikki received news that her appeal was being transferred to the high court, meaning she had a good chance of being successful. The Peckham Boot Gang made a noisy arrival at Larkhall but what wing will they be on?(!) After a heavy confronation with Josh about the drugs tests, Di took out her violent anger once again on her mother, and the next day after being called \"\"sick\"\" by Josh, spiralled out of control - after being taken home by Jim, she was horrified when he discovered her badly bruised, neglected mother in her house!"
"The Peckham boot gang arrives on G-Wing, causing chaos! Nigerian prisoner, Femi, can't speak a word of english and a peaceful protest about her treatment, led by Nikki, goes horrible wrong after the Boot Gang turns it into a full-scale riot! Charlotte Myddleton is shipped out to an open-prison. Al begins bullying Shaz but gets more than she bargains for from Yvonne - will Al and the rest of the Boot Gang \"\"waste her\"\"?! During the riot, a new prisoner, Caroline, catches Nikki's eye. Violence erupted further when the screws, in full riot uniform, attempted to put the inmates into their cells! Helen was furious with Nikki after Sylvia told her about her envolvment with the 'peaceful protest'!"
"The riot finally ended peacefully because Nikki locked the Peckham boot gang in their cells - sadly for her though, Helen told Nikki that their relationship was over because of the part she had played in the chaos. Nikki then took an interest in new prisoner Caroline. The Julies argued over their plans for the future now that Julie S had met Trevor again but to their horror, they were re-arrested outside the prison gates for past crimes they had committed while working for Virginia O'Kane as 'The 2 Trudies'. Helen seemed to be yet more friendly with Dr Waugh. Femi was moved to E-Wing with Fatima, an english-speaking Nigerian prisoner. Nikki was perplexed as to why Helen was telling her to \"\"be careful\"\" of Caroline but found out from Maxi that Caroline's crime wasn't fraud...she was in prison for sexually abusing children!!"
"Shaz was bullied again by Al. Di Barker had a sexual encounter in the toilets with Gina Rossi's boyfriend Mark. She lied perfectly to cover her tracks until the end of the episode, when she couldn't hide how hurt she was when Mark said that \"\"She meant nothing to him\"\" - A distraught Gina then told Mark she was pregnant! The Julies returned to G-Wing...and so did Virginia O'Kane! Josh continued to ignore Di. Virginia's disability proved a challenge for the officers. To Maxi and Al's disgust, Tina seemed to take a shine to Virginia. Jim, as corrupt as ever, offered to collect Virginia's brothel money for her...for a 50% share of course!..."
"Jim began his 'after-hours job' collecting money from Virginia's brothels. Helen was determined to prove that Jim is unfit to work with female prisoners and was very happy when Yvonne told her about the job he was participating in for Virginia. After yet another arguement between Helen and Jim, Karen made it clear to Helen that she was on Jim's side. Di spread lies about Gina. Virginia, while alone in her cell, stood up to look in the mirror, proving that her disability was a lie. Shaz asked for a transfer to the lifers' unit to get away from Al, but Dr Waugh suggested an unorthodox way of boosting her self-esteem. Crystal received the date for her court appearance. Gina and Di came to blows over Mark, with tragic consequences. Helen and Dr Waugh went to the dog races together and later, at his flat, shared a kiss!"
"Josh received a surprise package from Denny that could prove Crystal's innocence. Jim told Nikki that Helen is now seeing Dr Waugh - Something Helen didn't deny! Virginia's disability was publically outed as a scam by Al. Helen continued to lie in wait for Jim at Virginia's brothels - she finally found him and told him she wanted his resignation letter or she would tell Karen and area. Jim blackmails Di into helping him find evidence about Helen's relationship with Nikki and is overjoyed when he finds in Babs' diary about Nikki's escape. Defeated by this new evidence, Helen has no ammo against Jim and is blackmailed by him to resign. Crystal was found guilty because Karen gave her a bad character statement - this was because Sylvia's stolen clock (remember that?) was found and returned to Karen!"
"On the day of Nikki's trial, Fenner tries one last time to jepordise her chances by trying to blackmail Di into putting a scalpel into Nikki's bag - luckily, Di refused as they left for court. Virginia O'Kane received a hostile reaction from all the girls except Tina Purvis, who was beaten up by her sister for being so sympathetic. Back at the courthouse, evidence has been given and the jury have their verdict - Nikki's sentence is reduced to three years for manslaughter...time she has already served so she is a free woman! As Di entered the bathrooms to check things are OK when she saw the lifeless body of Virginia - with Yvonne standing she capable of murder or has Fenner set her up? In sunny Spain, we finally catch up with escapees Shell and Denny - the Spanish police have found them but we are left to wonder whether they survived after jumping into the sea to escape! In the final scene Nikki was in a club with Trish but no Helen - she walked sadly outside and heare"
Season 4 - Bad Girls
"The action continues from the point where we left off last time - as Yvonne is put down the Block, The officers learn from a news report that Shell's body was nenver found in the Spanish waters but Denny's was...alive! Josh felt it was time to own up to Crystal's 'Virgin Pregnancy' and told Karen the truth and offered his resignation. Karen had second thoughts about her engagement to Jim after facts, items from his locker and Helen's harassment case showed up, resulting in her throwing the ring back in his face! Yvonne was charged with Virginia's murder because Jim had planted Virginia's diary under her pillow! - unable to face life behind bars, she took drastic measures to escape and, with the departing Josh's help, knocked the power out, stole Sylvia's keys and managed it..or did she?"
"Yvonne's escape bid was foiled by Jim, Karen and PO Blakeson so she spent the week down the block. New PO Barry Pearce arrives on G-Wing, along with new Governor Neil Grayling, who seems to have big ideas for Larkhall...ones that dont involve Karen! Barry caught Di's eye and made such an impression that she asked him to move in with her. Karen tore up Helen Stewart's sexual harassment report against Jim. Sylvia was put in charge of the newly privatised canteen and got off to a bad start by selling out-of-date items. Neil demoted Karen to uniform and promoted Jim to the Wing-governor position! Shaz and PO Blakeson were on the receiving end of Barry's violent temper - are we seeing his true colours?"
"As Jim continued to play power games over Maxi, he quickly realised that she will not be made a fool of, and more alarmingly that she killed Virginia! Shaz and Barbara tried to stop Di making a big mistake by ringing and cancelling the wedding - they succeeded! After being faced with a computer, computer-phobic Sylvia took credit for Barbara's work, prompting Neil to give her more. On the night of the failed wedding, Barry hit Di at her house; does she now see his true colours? Jim asked Yvonne to help him nail Maxi after being blackmailed by her over 'his' part in Virginia's death."
"Denny returned to Larkhall...but without Shell. Two new inmates arrived - City high-flyer Cassie Tyler and Roisin Connor; both found it hard to adjust to prison life. After hearing Di Dump him, Barry violently attacked Barbara and then Shaz - questioned later by Mark, Di refused to back-up his lie and exposed him as a woman-beater! Barry later resigned. Neil asked Sylvia to take a computer class for the inmates even though she is totally computer illiterate! Shaz began digging an escape tunnel in the potting shed. Denny pretended to be interested in Al so that she could get information for Yvonne - she succeeded and taped Al's 'confession', landing Al and Maxi in deep water and to Yvonne finally being cleared!"
"Tina was visibly distraught after discovering who murdered Virginia. Neil made himself more unpopular by banning the officers smoking and using the Gym. Yvonne had a catfight with Maxi and to her surprise, Tina joined in to help her! - is this the end of the Peckham Boot Gang? Denny and Shaz' tunnel plan took a possibly tragic twist when Buki found out and demanded to be a part of the operation...a tunnel collapse put her life in danger! Julie J's daughter Rhiannon showed up on G-Wing. Karen seemed to be getting close to Mark but Jim, for some reason, warned her off him. Sylvia's computer class was a disaster because of her less-than-basic skills and with the fact that pornography was found on the second-hand machines. Jim moved in with Neil but...shall we say...(as numerous hints suggested) why exactly did his wife divorce him...?!"
"Sylvia and Mark managed to save Buki's life after the tunnel collapse. Roisin told Cassie that she had withdrawn the statement and so was staying at Larkhall. Rhiannon asked Buki to get her drugs but Buki was scared off by the Julies. Jim tried harder to split Karen and Mark up, this time by banning them acting like a couple at work. Roisin asked Buki for \"\"something to help her sleep\"\". The Julies took painful revenge on Rhiannon's boyfriend\/pimp by tipping boiling water all over him in the visiting room - they were put on report and were devastated to discover that they would have been released in a few days because without Virginia, the case against them collapsed!"
"Jim finally realised that Neil has far more than a professional interest in him. Shaz & Denny sent Buki fake pen pal letters to get revenge for the potting shed incident. Mark and Karen continued their romance. The Julies learned that they would get an additional 4 years for GBH and would lose all their priveliges. Roisin was devastated to learn that she couldn't see her children because she had taken some drugs. Karen learned about Neil's secret but when trying to confront him about it, was shocked to learn that he had photographs of her in the shower given to him \"\"by Jim\"\"!"
"Jim tells Neil that he's told personnel that he's been sexually harassing him. Buki slits her wrists in response to Denny and Shaz's bullying. Yvonne, playing the mother figure, told Denny and Shaz to give a months' spends to Buki as 'compensation' - Shaz was very reluctant and unsympathetic. Karen was still furious with Jim for giving Neil the private photos of her. Neil was not going to be beaten by Jim so firstly, got 'romantically involved' with Di Barker to quash Jim's rumours and secondly, he found a back-up of Helen Stewart's sexual assault report against Jim and revealed to Karen that he had been trying to track helen down! He also hinted to Karen that he was considering making her wing governor again. Roisin continued to use drugs. The inmates heared rumours from Fenner and Noreen that Neil was gay. The Julies conspired to get their kitchen jobs back by putting cockroaches in the pancakes! After returning to the wing, Maxi tried to get Shaz (fresh from her arguement with Yvonn"
"...Shaz saved Yvonne at the last second, enabling Yvonne to turn the tables on Maxi. After nearly being killed, Maxi seemed to realise that she wasn't invincible and for the first time, seemed scared. Crystal went into labour and had to have her baby in her cell - she named the Baby Zandra, in her late friends' memory and Josh came to visit her. Buki seemed to take an interest in the baby and when on the MBU, took a shine to another woman's baby. She was later devastated to learn that both the baby and it's mother had AIDS. Neil continued to undermine Jim by calling a staff meeting so that the G-Wing staff could slag him off behind his back...A plan that seemed to work; did Jim really quit? Karen regretted going to see Jim when he sexually assaulted her - it looks like she now beleives what Helen Stewart said in her report. Cassie and Babs' plan to rig the canteen spreadsheet seemed to be working. Buki revealed to Mark that when she was 13, she had given birth to a baby that was dead w"
"Karen told the police that Jim had raped her. Buki continued loving baby Baxter and persuaded Mark to take her and Crystal to the park, with their babies. Crystal, fed up with the terrible prison conditions, attempted to run away from Mark, but was caught. She later sent baby Zandra home with Josh so that she would be safer. The canteen was short of stock due to Cassie's scam. Roisin told Yvonne that Cassie fancied her. After some persuading from Neil, Karen dropped the charges against Jim - Jim, realising he owed Neil, handed him his wing-governor resignation, leaving the position open for karen. Maxi, now acting like a totally different character, was upset when Tina continued to disown her. Buki was devastated to learn that baby Baxter had died during the night and revealed to Mark that the baby she has abandoned wasn't stillborn, but alive!"
"Neil was forced to make Sylvia wing governor when Karen turned down the post. Neil and Sylvia were horrified to see prison inspectors by the gate - they were even more horrified when the inspectors saw the disasterous loss of the canteen! Shaz organised a fight with Al in the gymn but at the last minute, Maxi took Al's place, determined to get her reputation back! Mark discovered that Buki's baby was still alive and had been adopted. Babs seemed to be getting very friendly with Henry, the new prison vicar. After losing spectacularly to Shaz, Maxi killed herself, with Al's help, by choking herself with tissue paper!...Sylvia, faced with another day of inspections, forced the Julies to help her move Maxi's body away from the inspectors so they wouldn't see it! Neil told Jim that he'd promote Mark to a higher position at another prison so that he was away from Karen...but only if he asked \"\"very nicely!\"\""
"Sylvia's attempt to hide Maxi's corpse in the chapel is exposed when it rolls out of it's hiding place during a church service! Mark was offered a promotion at a prison in the North but didn't want to go because of Karen...until she told him that she didn't love him! Yvonne's estranged son, Ritchie, came to visit Yvonne but ended the day in Karen's newly empty bed! At Maxi's funeral, Tina was distraught when her father told her that he would never love her as much as Maxi! Tina later decided to transform herself into Julie O'Kane, with the 2 Julies' help. Sylvia was told that due to her horrendous mistakes, the wing governor post would be re-advertised. Babs told the vicar about the fight but was horrified when she learned that he had told Neil - because of this, Shaz was shipped out of Larkhall, never to be seen again...!"
"Denny was distraught when she found out that Shaz had been shipped out. Snowball Merriman, a 'hollywood actress' arrived to fill Shaz' vacant bunk, but didn't get off to a good start with Yvonne. Neil finally told Di that he was gay - she then shocked him by suggesting they marry anyway for both their interests! The two Julies went on trial for GBH and watched as Rhiannon testified against them...they got 8 years. Yvonne and Cassie discovered that Snowball wasn't really a Hollywood actress - she was the star of numerous porn films! Babs confessed that it was her fault that Shaz was shipped out because she had confided in Henry, who had told Neil. Jim seemed to be getting very friendly with new inmate Snowball and Sylvia was annoyed when she was told to phone hostels to search for Jessie Devlin, Denny's mother."
"Neil and Di further discussed their sham marriage. Rhiannon was overcome with guilt after the Julies got 8 years - Julie S told her that she wouldn't forgive her until she went to college and turned her life around. We learned that Snowball was planning a breakout and that her partner in crime was no other than Ritchie Atkins! Henry asked Babs what she was going to do when she was released. Mark left Larkhall forever but not before nutting Jim right where it hurts! Denny was devastated to learn from Sylvia that her mother had died and was moreuspet when she discovered that a birthday card among her mothers things was faked, by the Julies. Crystal was finally released and was met at the gate by Josh and baby Zandra, and a present from Di to make up for the things she had done in the past. Snowball told Jim that there was a planned breakout...but that it was Yvonne who was planning it!"
"Karen returned from her holidays to be met by Ritchie Atkins - She later told Yvonne about her relationship with her son, leaving Yvonne visibly annoyed. Neil's stag night turned out to be a dinner for two...for him and Jim - After slipping a drug into Jim's wine, Neil finally got what he wanted, much to Jim's disgust the following morning! Cassie and Roisin found out from the internet that Buki's son was disabled, causing Buki to start cutting herself again. The '3' Julies signed up for an education class but found that only Julie S was cut out for it. We finally learned about Snowball's dangerous plan - to plant a bomb on G-Wing to help her escape...!"
"In this thrilling series finale, the prison open day has arrived. Di and Neil are married but Jim still feels uncomfortable knowing that it's a marriage of convenience. Yvonne finally realises that her son and Snowball are setting her up but it's too late as she is carried down the block by Fenner. Karen & Jim find a planted gun in her bag so put it in her drawer. After the guests are taken outside by Sylvia and Di, 11:00 comes and Snowball's bomb detonates, seriously injuring Neil who was in the library - thanks to Roisin's quick thinking, his life was saved. Snowball, now dressed as a nun, was stopped at the last possible moment by Karen at the gate and immediately put down the block after being strip-searched. Sylvia and Jim maliciously put her in the same cell as Yvonne, and told Yvonne \"\"She's all yours, you've got 5 minutes\"\"! Shaz and Denny were locked in a visiting room when the bomb detonated and are trapped - sadly for Shaz, she was too high on magic mushrooms to realise the da"
Season 5 - Bad Girls
"It's 2 weeks after the explosion and we finally learn it's consequences! Jim and other PO's got more than they bargained for in Amsterdam as a face from the past returned. Denny and the other girls on the wing wanted revenge on Snowball for the bomb she had planted. Shell was extradited from Holland to Larkhall...but wasn't put back on G-Wing just yet! Sylvia discovered that Bobby had spiralling debts which he hadn't told her about and was overjoyed to hear the news of Shell's capture. Al and Julie O'Kane devised a plan to endanger Di, hoping that if they saved her, they'd get a pardon."
"Shell arrived on G-Wing and got straight back to business...quite leterally...with Fenner! Tensions between Denny and Snowball escalated. Babs regained some hearing but kept it to herself for Yvonne's benefit. Al and Julie O'Kane continued their plan to scare Di, who was too busy arguing with Neil to give it her full attention! - a drawing on a bathroom door got her attention however! Henry popped a question to Babs. Snowball finally used the gun to escape...with Karen as hostage. Sylvia broke down as she lost the most precious thing in her life...!"
"Snowball's escape continued to go to plan...until she met up with Ritchie - Will Karen get hurt? A grieving Sylvia returned home but revealed that she may lose her home due to Bobby's debts. 'Costa Cons' Phyl and Bev arrived at Larkhall, complete with their 'art' set. Yvonne was reunited with her son Ritchie and later 'aadopted' Denny. . Shell's first customer was Colin but how much longer can their arrangment go on? Phyl pretended she was a medium to fool Denny into thinking she was contacting Shaz. Meanwhile, just what is Di upto...?"
"Yvonne tried to find out the truth about what went on between Shell, Colin and Fenner, while Sylvia was rejected by Henry and made homeless. Buki tracked down her son to a care home and was desperate to see him. Di was frustrated when Neil brought his hunky lover, Tony, home so came up with a bizarre artifical insemination plan. Sylvia agreed to rent a Mayfair flat from Phyl and Bev...but has she been conned?! Neil must've been asking for trouble as he made Snowball his orderly. Di invited Sylvia to stay with her and Neil for a while...scuppering Neil's social life!"
"Di comes up with a bizarre artificial insemination plan when Neil refuses to sleep with her. Phyl and Bev's latest scam is the production of Chateau Larkhall. Neil takes a risk by appointing Snowball as his orderly, Hedges steals some confiscated drugs and Karen tries to scupper Jim's chances of promotion after larkhall is privatised. Also, Yvonne discovers Colin's secret."
"Snowball met up with Ritchie for a final visit, but all doesn't go according to plan! Christopher Biggins was held hostage by the inmates who were protesting about privatisation. Neil discovers who had been vandalising his car and desk but got a shock announcement from Di when he threatened to have a 'coming out party' on the wing! The Costa Cons were moved to an open prison but left their 'Chateux Larkhall' behind! Yvonne met up with the POs in riot gear...and got a terrible shock as she walked past the visiting room! Eric Bostock made a decision on whether or not his company would privatise Larkhall..."
"Yvonne attended Ritchie's funeral with Colin, who showed her support... but Colin showed less support when Jim 'found' drugs in Yvonne's possessions! Everyone's favourite Doctor, Dr. Nicholson, returned. Julie S found a lump in her breast which tests showed were cancerous! Neil and Di argued some more about their baby...especially when Neil told her to get out of his house!"
"Colin finally tells the truth about Fenner to Karen...who promises not to reveal her source until absolutely neccessary. Julie S begins her cancer treatment, with Julie J by ther side. Tina decides that she is no longer 'a Julie' and changes her name back to Tina. Colin takes a drugs test to prove to Fenner that the sryinge is for his 'diabetes' and it comes out clean. Di didn't have her abortion but led Neil and Tony, who had just moved in, to think that she did. Colin and Yvonne finally kissed!"
"Julie S, after having her mastectomy, decided to return to Larkhall for the duration of her recovery so that she could be with her friends. Yvonne sent Lauren to lok around Colin's flat... but what did Lauren find?! Sylvia returned from holidays and, as usual, seemed delighted to be back. Yvonne told Karen that in return for her parole and enhanced status, she would stop the other girls harming Snowball... but has she got an ulterior motive? Snowball was finally reunited with Ritchie..."
"The fallout from Snowball's suicide begins, with both Jim and Karen finding themselves in a precarious position. Jim gives Tina a camera. Neil bribes Di with a wing-governor's job in order for her to keep the baby. Julie S returns from hospital and is eventually cheered up by the party that her friends have organised. Yvonne believes Colin, regarding the woman in his bed, and they kiss.. only to be captured on camera by Tina! Neil told Karen what we'd all been dreading... \"\"You're Sacked!\"\""
"Outgoing wing-governor, Karen, does her best to save her job while working out her notice. Jim gets impatient with Tina because she isn't getting his photographic evidence quick enough. Noreen Biggs returns to Larkhall and is ill... will she keep a financial promise to Sylvia?! After advice from Noreen, Tina decided that Jim was using here and so helped Yvonne get evidence of her and Jim at it...which Yvonne promptly gave to Karen! Neil finally told the G-Wing staff the truth about his marriage to Di. Sylvia got what she deserved from Noreen while Di wasted no time in finding a new name to write on her mirror!"
"Phyl and Bev take the term 'open prison' a bit too far when they decide to leave and go to a posh restaurant! Karen shows all her evidence to Neil, which included Yvonne's photographs and a report by Tina. Fenner had to take drastic action to save his job and his freedom so decided to steal all the evidence from karens flat and also decided to steal her car. Di tried her best to pull Colin and got rather nasty when he didn't give into her! Sylvia rubbed her hands together with glee as the Costa Cons, who she has a score to settle with, returned to Larkhall. As karen's car sped down a street, knocking over and killing a pensioner, was the blonde-haired driver really Karen? - the police certainly thought so as they arrested Karen in front of all the staff and inmates on G-wing!"
"Fenner got new Wing-Governor, Di, on his side and then proceeded to put Yvonne down the block for no reason. New inmate Kris arrived on G-Wing but new PO Selena did exactly as she had promised and gave her \"\"A firm hand\"\" as she walked into her cell and kissed her. Fenner gave Colin a final warning about his affair with Yvonne but Colin didn't want to know. Buki was reunited with Lennox, who visited with Christopher Biggins, and was overjoyed when Chris gave her the offer of a lifetime. Fenner and Di shared a sticky toffee pudding and ended up in his bedroom... where Di revealed a secret!"
"In the series finale, Yvonne decided to cooperate with Kris's escape plan. Colin helped open the entrance to the underground 'old prison' but was blackmailed by Fenner to tell all to him! The Costa Cons were ignored by the inmates and took heroin! Kris was set up by Fenner and taken down the block, meaning she couldn't take part in the escape plan. Barbara finally married Henry but was not welcomed by Henry's family! Yvonne entered the underground 'old prison'...unaware that Fenner was following her! The G-wing inmates bid farewell to Denny, who was being transferred to an open prison. Fenner locked Yvonne in one of the old cells... Will Yvonne ever be found alive...only time will tell?!!"
Season 6 - Bad Girls
"As the inmates are celebreating Yvonne's escape, Selena and Kris plan an escape. Fenner is haunted by what he did 6 weeks ago. New inmates Frances Allen, Natalie Buxton and Darlene Cake arrive at Larkhall and cause ructions when Natalie's true crime is revealed. Much to Natalie's delight, Frances protects her and proves to be a loyal friend! As Kris' escape plan is implemented, she follows Yvonne's escape route but a shocking discovery makes her drop her keys... she has no choice but to return to G-Wing and tell Neil what she has found. Colin's heroin addict seems to have gotten worse! Neil makes a sad and touching announcement to the girls on the wing. He then decides to demote Di from her wing-governor position in favour for a fresh face. The officers are amazed as their new wing-governor walks in... it's Frances!"
"G Wing say a final farewell to Yvonne while Jim gets another shock when Lauran turns up on his doorstep asking questions. Tanya makes Sylvia an offer she can't refuse & Neil gets offered a new job from an unexpected source.\n\nA full-scale investigation is launched into Yvonne's death, and while Jim finds it hard not to crack, Colin appears to be the prime suspect. The wing is shocked by Yvonne's death, but Julie J has a bigger shock in store. The new wing governor introduces herself to G Wing, giving the women yet another surprise. New inmate Darlene is quickly befriended by Phyl, who is interested in her drug stash."
"With Bev still on the hospital wing after her overdose, Frances is determined to crack down on the drug dealers, keeping Phyl under 24-hour surveillance until she confesses. Frances gets the handcuffs out for Colin Di gets closer to Jim, but his mind is still on Yvonne Atkins - is he going mad ?! Julie S decides that since she's on 'death row', she may as well take Fenner with her!... but only manages to slash his hand with a knife! Selena is still determined to get Kris out of prison, but things don't go as she planned. Frances announces drug tests for the whole prison. Fenner goes mad and...erm... flashes more than his keys!"
"A Muslim woman convicted of murdering a relative protests her innocence and ends up climbing onto the roof of G Wing to continue her protest... but who will end up critically injured? The inmates are still shocked at Jim's strange behaviour, but they soon discover that it is only the beginning! Sylvia is sent on a racism course after being reported for making racist remarks by a colleague. Dr. Nicholson finally makes a correct diagnosis !!"
"All the officers are ordered to undergo drug tests as well as the prisoners, leaving Colin in a tight spot. The results of the drug tests concern Neil but not for the reason you'd expect! Natalie Buxton returns to G-Wing having been convicted of child prostitution, but has to cope with Frances, who is incensed at Natalie's return to Larkhall. Will Natalie be able to use her cunning and manipulative skills to win over the inmates?"
"Glamour hits Larkhall with the arrival of Tanya Turner, who has been jailed for possession of Class A drugs, and who quickly decides to cosy up to Darlene when she arrives. Neil is furious over the officers' drug tests, and Frances soon confronts Colin about them. Selena leaves for Canada to try and convince Milly to return and clear her sister's name. And a bout of sickness and vomiting hits the wing, with Al suffering very badly."
"Someone is poisoning people on G Wing, and suspicion immediately falls on Tanya Turner, as no one was ill until she arrived. Fearful for her life, Tanya tries to come up with a way to get out of prison and makes a deal with a Yardie gang leader. Fenner returns to G Wing, and is back to his old self again. Natalie forces Phyl and Bev to let her in on their plans, while Tina is convinced she killed Al by stealing the hooch."
"After being arrested for murder, Tanya is questioned about poisoning Al, but the case against her looks weak and other inmates are soon pulled in for questioning. When the poison is traced back to the rhubarb, the Costa Cons try to get rid of incriminating evidence - but it appears to be too late. The Julies enjoy a birthday party to remember. Frances and Tanya forge an unlikely alliance when a plan to get to Tanya comes to light"
"Selena Geeson returns from Canada with Kris's sister Milly, together they intend to prove Kris's innocence. Natalie Buxton is suspicious when Kris refuses another night of passion with her. Wing Governor Frances Myers reluctantly drops the poisoning case, and Sylvia Hollamby is back after her combating racism course. Julie Johnston is smitten with prison guard Colin. Governor Neil Grayling is worried about his impending tribunal."
"It is the day of the tribunal and governing governor Neil Grayling faces the music - as damning evidence of his supposed sexual misconduct is thrown at him. Could this be the end of his career?\n\nBut Neil remains calm, and determined to find ex-wing governor Karen Betts!! She is his only chance if he is going to bring Jim Fenner down. But will she help him in his fight?\n\nSelena plans her departure from Larkhall, how can she stay around now she has been so betrayed by Kris?! But Kris is devastated and soon takes out her revenge on Natalie Buxton in the laundry room.\n\nNatalie is rushed to the hospital wing with alleged injuries from the brawl; she wants to press assault charges against Kris. But when wing governor Frances Myers (Eva Pope) hears her story Natalie is pulled from her hospital bed and sent to solitary confinement. She has one last stab of revenge when she drops the bombshell of Kris and Selena's affair, but will anyone believe her?\n\nHandy man Benjamin (Richard Mylan) gets flirt"
"The plans for Di and Jim's wedding go ahead with bride and groom unaware that Neil Grayling and Karen Betts are secretly planning to ruin Jim's life. Karen finally finds a piece of evidence, while Sylvia tries to find a \"\"plus one\"\" for Di's wedding. Milly is about to confess to the murder of her father - for which Kris was put away for life... But will a tragedy and a serious accident change events?!"
"Kris Yates has made a dramatic escape from Larkhall prison and her lover Selena is in the spotlight for being her accomplice.\n\nIn the final episode of the current series, Karen Betts is relieved to have some evidence against Jim Fenner. But when it's dismissed as weak, Karen panics, could she end up behind bars for a crime she didn't commit?\n\nTina O' Kane is convinced she's pregnant and is naively planning a rosy future with Benjamin once she is released. Soon Bev and Phyl conjure up a seance for Tina to contact dead Al to tell her all the good news. The lights are dimmed and wide-eyed Tina and Darlene are soon treated to the gruff, Scottish accent voice of Al coming from the mouth of Bev. But there is trouble ahead when Darlene is told the name of the murderer.\n\nSoon an almighty fight breaks out on G-wing when six-footer Darlene Cake and Natalie Buxton fight for their lives.\n\nMeanwhile, Selena is delighted to find runaway Kris but is duty-bound to hand her to the authorities. Will Selena"
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Season 7 - Bad Girls
"Jim receives a taste of his own medicine in a prison cell of his own... How will he get out of this situation!? On G-Wing, Governor Neil Grayling starts to make changes and announces that he will take full responsibility for the wing. Two newcomers arrive - Janine is furious with her partner-in-crime Arun for confessing to their credit card scam. Tina O'Kane hates her new freedom and tries her best to get back inside... but will she end up on G-wing or on another wing? Bev and Phyl plan to teach Bodybag a lesson. Top Dog Natalie Buxton is rubbing up her fellow inmates the wrong way."
"Jim uses all his manipulative skills to get himself out of jail, but will Di realsie he is using her? Everyone on G-Wing is up in arms about the extortion racket Natalie Buxton and her sidekick Darlene Cake are running. Jim blackmails Neil Grayling into giving him the Wing Governor's job, and starts by sacking the two Julies from the kitchen. Phyl and Bev jump at the chance to replace them, but they're unprepared for all the hard work. Sylvia is sure that she has a mysterious illness - Dr Nicholson is unterested until a letter arrives for Sylvia...!"
"Jim is desperately trying to avoid sex with Di - but how long can he hold her off and what lengths will he go to not to have children?! Natalie Buxton seems to have everyone at Larkhall in her debt, she has even scored a cushy job in the library - the perfect place to attend to Jim's needs. She is far from discreet though, which infuriates Di! The two Julies get permission to open the G-Wing hair and beauty salon but aren't very optimistic about the idea. Naive Arun walks into a violent trap set by Natalie and Janine. Dr Nicholson is still fawning over Sylvia Hollamby."
"***Spoiler*** The press are swarming outside the gates of Larkhall, awaiting the arrival of Laura Canning, an 18-year-old convicted of stabbing her mother to death. Natalie and Darlene demand some beauty treatment - but the two Julies get their own back. Phyl and Bev have a scam going with the bakery delivery man. Malcolm proposes to Sylvia - who is ecstatic, little realising that it's her cash he's after."
"Arun has a dark secret she is desperate to keep under wraps. The Costa Cons' buns and booze scam is about to be exposed. An elderly nun arrives at Larkhall and gets thumped by Natalie Buxton - but Sister Thomas seems to win the other girls round with her plans to help children in Africa. A codicil in Sylvia's aunt's will bars her from marrying if she is to inherit the house."
"New inmate Liz May Brice arrives at Larkhall, and is desperate to make sure that the Sister Thomas gets all thats coming to her... and Liz isn't exactly keen on bully-babe Natalie Buxton... Could this be the fall of one of Larkhall's evilist Top Dogs? Sylvia and Malcolm are tying the knot... Malcolm's already splashed out on the Wedding and Honeymoon... little does he know that Sylvia is now peniless, due to a bizare twist in her Aunt's will saying Sylvia will only inherit money if she stays single."
"Everyone knows that Arun is a transexual, and the knives of G-Wing are out together. And when Arun's thoughts turn suicidal, will there be a saviour for her?\n\nNew officer Kevin is determined to make a good impression with Inmates and Officers alike, but when there's a case of \"\"Them and Us\"\" how will he handle it?\n\nPat's attempted murder charge is taken with a pinch of salt by Neil when Pat tells him that a Vicar assaulted her while Sister Thomas watched.\n\nDi can't believe her bad luck when she finds out Jim has a low sperm count. When a new inmate, Sheena arrives, Di goes in to proceedings with her to adopt her child who would've been in care."
"The atmosphere at Larkhall is euphoric \u00e2\u20ac\u201c Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis) is dead! He was brutally killed in the hanging cell \u00e2\u20ac\u201c and his wife Di (Tracey Wilkinson) is the first to discover his bloody body.\n\nIt is not long before two earnest detectives are at the scene of the crime, DS Hook (Lucy O\u00e2\u20ac\u2122Connell) and DI Hayes (Tony Slattery). They will leave no stone unturned until they find the murderer within the walls of this prison.\n\nSoon all the fingers are pointing to his wife Di Barker (Tracey Wilkinson), as it seems she has the most obvious motive and has been caught red handed with some damning evidence. But when all the inmates suddenly step forward and confess to being the murderer, the detectives become confused. Who did kill Jim Fenner?\n\nSheena (Laura Rogers) is due to be let out on an electronic tag \u00e2\u20ac\u201c but her freedom has lost some of its buzz now she has fallen for Pat Kerrigan (Liz May Brice). The attraction is mutual but Pat is scared of being hurt and pushing Sheena away. How can she fall"
"Di (Tracey Wilkinson) has been accused of murdering Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis) and no one believes she is innocent. Di soon finds herself on the wrong side of the bars at Larkhall. How can she survive amongst the women she used to reign over?\n\nHer former colleague Sylvia Hollamby (Helen Fraser) is unsure of how to react when Di arrives at the prison, she wants to be her friend but is not totally convinced of her innocence.\n\nMeanwhile, Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent) is excited, it\u00e2\u20ac\u2122s her long awaited day out on release and Kevin Spiers (Andrew Scarborough) has the honour of escorting her. Smug Natalie thinks she\u00e2\u20ac\u2122s got an escape all worked out, especially as her guard is the dishy Kevin Spiers. But Kevin isn\u00e2\u20ac\u2122t an idiot and Natalie is going to have to come up with something very special to pull the wool over his eyes. Kevin is a game player, has she met her match?\n\nJulie J (Kika Mirylees) is still determined to plead guilty for murdering Jim \u00e2\u20ac\u201c he got what he deserved. But her friend Julie S (V"
Season 8 - Bad Girls
"Governor Joy Masterton is disgusted when her new deputy, Lou Stoke, turns up for her first day at Larkhall reeking of booze and the worse for wear. A new inmate arrives - Emira Al Jahani, the wife of a suspected terrorist bomber. The girls treat her with contempt, but Natalie discovers that she's a chemistry student and has soon bullied her into constructing a drugs laboratory. The others jump to the conclusion that Emira is planning a chemical attack and panic ensues."
"Janine Nebeski's father gives Janine a surprise visit and blames her for her mother's death. Lou Stoke manages to convince him to allow Janine to attend her mother's funeral. However, Natalie Buxton seizes the opportunity to force Janine to smuggle drugs into Larkhall. Phyl is sent to hospital with a bullet wound but soon starts to blackmail her psychiatrist. Lou goes to a strip club followed by Joy Masterton. Donny is pressurised to find Emira's husband who is in hiding."
"Natalie Buxton is under the influence of drugs, but even so is determined to get revenge on Pat Kerrigan. Angela Robbins, a new inmate, arrives on G-Wing and she becomes Bev's cellmate. Janine Nebeski has been caught smuggling drugs and has lost her family. Matters are made worse for her as Joy Masterton intends to make an example of her. PO Donny Kimber is pressurised by D.I. Thackeray to find out where Emira's husband, a terrorist suspect, is hiding."
"A new inmate, Stella Gough wants to join the army when she gets out of prison. Governor Joy Masterton is attracted by her ambition, but is Stella being completely honest? Janine is relying on drugs which worries Donny Kimber who gradually gets her to stop taking them. Lou deliberately avoids Dr Rowan Dunlop which confuses the doctor. What the doctor doesn't know is that Lou is leading a double life at a local lap dancing club."
"Governor Joy Masterton is still reeling from the shock of learning that new inmate Stella is the daughter she gave up for adoption. Julie S is delighted to get a visit from her son David. He has two bits of exciting news - she's going to be a grandmother and he's getting married. Pat Kerrigan realises that Natalie Buxton has used a child to smuggle drugs into prison and she comes up with a plan to get rid of her for ever. Things get steamy between Janine Nebeski and Donny Kimber."
"G-Wing is buzzing with excitement, Julie S can't wait to see her son David and meet his bride to be. Pat Kerrigan is excited too - at the prospect of being rid of Natalie Buxton for ever. Wing Governor Lou Stoke is looking after her drug addict sister Vicky following her suicide attempt. Phyl and Bev are overjoyed when their delivery of alcoholic fruit arrives. Janine Nebeski starts receiving mysterious love letters. And since her daughter showed up, Joy has taken to drink."
"The national news is reporting that Natalie Buxton has escaped from Larkhall and the inmates of G-Wing could not be happier - with the exception of Pat Kerrigan who is wondering what to do with the body. Security has been stepped up and Phyl and Bev can't smuggle in any alcohol, so they revert to blackmailing Dr Dunlop. It's the day of Tina's court appearance and she's hoping to be sent back to prison, but the judge releases her. Pat has to confess the truth to the two Julies. Sylvia has a date."
"Still in shock after killing a man during her bungled bank hold-up, Tina O'Kane is returned to Larkhall and tries to take her own life. Pat Kerrigan realises that she will have to move Natalie's corpse from the tumble dryer in the laundry. Lou Stoke is furious with Dr Rowan Dunlop for leading her on. Janine Nebeski is desperate for more action with PO Donny Kimber - but he decides that the relationship has to stop. Lou's druggy sister Vicky gets a job teaching music in G-Wing."
"Janine has permission to visit her mother's grave with Donny as escort. Lou has a surprise proposal from Doctor Rowan - unaware that he has no intention of divorcing his wife. The Costa Cons spot that Vicky is high and blackmail her. During her day out, Janine implores Donny to join her on the run. Will he throw in his job for love? Vicky reveals the truth about Rowan to Lou. Lou loses her temper and Governor Joy Masterton dismisses her. Body Bag gets a promotion to Wing Governor!"
"Entrepreneur and interior design goddess Catherine Earlham makes an appearance on This Morning with Fern and Phillip before her court case. Could this darling of the media really have stolen from a pension fund? Janine is pregnant with Donny's baby, but he thinks she should have a termination. Bodybag is strutting around G-Wing, putting her stamp on the place. Phyl and Bev have fallen out - new inmate Catherine has come between them. Darlene is transfixed by Catherine - but she's being used."
"Christmas is not Sylvia Hollamby\u2019s favourite time of year and this year isn\u2019t going to be any different. With all the drains on G Wing overflowing, everyone\u2019s wondering what\u2019s causing it and when a decomposed hand rises to the surface could Natalie have been found? Hollamby gets a surprise visit from a face from the past ..."
Season 16 - Bad Girls
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